Dubai Expo 2020

The Expo 2020 Dubai will be the first World Expo where every country participating has its own pavilion.

Every pavilion will highlight the best of its achievements and provide visitors with a taste of its own culture and traditions, thanks to the participation of over 190 countries.

Despite the fact that all of the countries’ pavilions are sure to dazzle, here are ten things to do and discover at Expo 2020 Dubai:

1. Explore the Pavilions (Mobility, Opportunity & Sustainability)

The Mobility Pavilion will highlight the story of people, goods, and services moving around the world, as well as data and ideas moving around the world and social mobility. The pavilion will also have the world’s largest elevator, capable of transporting more than 160 people at once.

Visitors to the Opportunity Pavilion will be able to see how their actions contribute to human growth. Water, food, and energy will be the three themes that visitors to the pavilion will be directed through.

The Sustainability Pavilion, also known as ‘Terra,’ will look at our relationship with nature and how we can make little changes in our daily lives to lessen our carbon footprint and influence the environment. On the pavilion’s 130-meter-wide canopy, there are 4,912 solar panels and 18 energy trees.

2. While visiting 192 pavilions, get your expo 2020 passport stamped.

3. Watch live shows and concerts

Visitors can enjoy concerts, stand-up comedy, fashion exhibitions, dance shows, pyrotechnic displays, and much more across the festival site, which will host up to 60 live activities every day. Despite the fact that the complete lineup has yet to be revealed, several shows will be staples over the six-month period. Any show at the Dubai Expo will be top class, from a 21st century take on Beethoven at the German Pavilion to the ‘Stars of the Wild’ show, featuring gorgeous creatures bathed in light.

4. Taste food from all over the world with over 200 restaurants.

Dubai is already recognized as a gourmet haven, but the Expo is set to raise the bar even higher. You’ll be spoilt for choice with over 200 restaurants located over the event site.

5. Watch and take part in sporting events from all over the world

Expo 2020 Dubai and the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) have partnered to deliver a diversified sporting program that includes free events, exhibition matches, big-name athletes, and a health and wellness hub.

6. Visit the DEWA Pavillion to see the solar-powered home of the future

The DEWA Pavilion is designed to maximize efficiency, from the solar roof to the temperature-buffering doorway, and includes many futuristic features, such as a drone delivery hatch and a weight-measuring bathroom floor.

7. Discover the SPACEX rocket at the United States Pavilion

The SpaceX Falcon rocket, as well as exhibits and artifacts such as moon rocks and the US Mars Rover, are on display in the USA Pavilion.

8. Explore the Hyperloop at the DP World pavilion

In this new sustainable style of high-speed transportation, passengers can experience what it’s like to travel at high speeds.

9. Visit the women’s pavilion, celebrating female change-makers

The Women’s Pavilion, created in conjunction with Cartier, honors women’s essential roles throughout history, demonstrating that when women thrive, humanity thrives.

10. Explore the world Expo museum, learn everything there is to know about previous Expos

Learn about the extraordinary history and influence of World Expos as platforms for introducing the world to some of the most fascinating and cutting-edge ideas and inventions at the World Expo Museum.

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