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The European Union has officially launched digital vaccine passport

Vaccine Passport

The digital COVID-19 vaccine passport (digital COVID-19 certificate ) issued by the European Union has been officially launched.

People can use the certificate to verify proof of COVID-19 vaccination, a recent negative test result, or a previous COVID-19 infection.

The certificate, which has a QR code and a digital signature, can be viewed on a computer or printed.

When traveling in the EU, people who have the certificate should not be required to do an additional COVID-19 test or be quarantined.

The certificate has already been issued and recognized in some EU nations.

In mid-June, Germany, for example, announced it had already given 5 million certificates.

The rest of the EU member countries will be brought online during a six-week timeframe.

Non-EU countries, such as the United Kingdom, have begun to implement their own systems.

The National Health Service (NHS) in England has its own COVID-19 pass, which can be used to provide proof of vaccination, a recent test result, or a previous infection.

A print version is available in Scotland and Wales.

Although some EU nations accept the NHS pass, the EU as a whole does not, and this could change as countries attempt to make their systems interoperable.

In the United States, certain states (such as New York) have their own COVID-19 vaccine certificates.

Walmart has launched a digital record for anyone who have been vaccinated at one of its locations.

Google also stated that Android will now support vaccination cards.

However, only COVID-19 vaccines approved in the EU are recognized by the certificate, which includes AstraZeneca, Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson doses.

Source: Tech Gist Africa

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