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For Your Next Trip, You Need These Super Smart Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks

Travel mishaps can happen to anyone.  So having this handy list of travel hacks is a must.

For Your Next Trip, You Need These Super Smart Travel Tips:

Send a scanned copy of your passport to your personal email address.

Utilize the Offline Maps Function on Google.

Download Google Translate on your device so that you can use it while you’re not connected to the internet.

Share your travel issues online for immediate response.

Always carry a universal adaptor.

Prior to traveling, notify your credit card provider.

Use online travel agencies that provide cash back.

Use incognito browsing while traveling.

Save money on your next trip by subscribing to airline newsletters.

Reserving seats in the aisle and window is highly recommended.

TV can be used as a charger for your electronic devices.

Utilize ride-sharing apps.

Bring a portable, multi-USB charger.

Carry a portable mobile phone charger.

Opt for a travel debit card.

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