For the fifth year in a row, Japan’s passport will remain the most powerful in the world in 2023.

According to the Henley Passport Index, Japanese passport holders are able to gain visa-free entry to 193 different countries.

Having visa-free travel to more countries is a significant perk of having a passport.

The passports that are ranked the highest are those that allow their holders access to the greatest number of countries without the need for a visa.

The best passports to have in 2023, according to the Henley Passport Index, are as follows:

1. Japan (193 destinations)
2. South Korea and Singapore (192 destinations)
3. Spain and Germany (190 destinations)
4. Finland, Luxembourg, and Italy (189 destinations)
5. Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, and Sweden (188 destinations)
6. Portugal, France, Ireland, and the United Kingdom (187 destinations)
7. Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Czech Republic, United States (186 destinations)
8. Malta, Greece, Australia, Canada, and (185 destinations)
9. Poland and Hungary (184 destinations)
10. Slovakia and Lithuania (183 destinations)


The new study evaluates all 199 passports in the world based on their Henley Passport Power (HPP) score, which is a phrase that reflects the proportion of global GDP each passport gives to its holders visa-free.

This score was calculated by integrating data from the Henley Passport Index and the World Bank GDP data.

International accessibility is a key factor in determining how highly passport holders are ranked around the world.

The number of visa-free countries that will accept passports from that country is used to establish the passport’s ranking.


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