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International travel would require COVID vaccine passports

Vaccine Passport

Vaccine passports, also known as vaccine certificates, are proof that you have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or that you have recently tested negative for the virus.

The certificates are still in the works, and how and when they’ll be used around the world could differ significantly. They should be free and available on paper, not just on apps, according to experts, since not everyone owns a smartphone.

The main points of contention are privacy and protection, as well as how personal information will be stored and fairness.

However, even a simple technology such as a QR code on a piece of paper might serve as a passport to reopening the world.

Several countries have already started using COVID-19 vaccine passports, with policies and implementation varying greatly.

In February 2021, Israel started issuing ‘green passes’ to vaccinated people to allow for more freedom of movement within the country.

Other countries, such as China and Bahrain, have begun issuing digital vaccine passports to their citizens who have been vaccinated in order to enable them to travel internationally.

The United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, Denmark, the EU, and the United States are among the countries considering using COVID-19 vaccine passports for internal or international travel.

The World Health Organisation, the World Economic Forum, the International Chamber of Commerce, and the International Air Travel Association have all initiated campaigns to set guidelines and organize the design and implementation of vaccine passports for international travel.

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