Dubai has confirmed that 1,000 artists and designers from around the world will be granted cultural visas, UAE Golden Visa.

The Dubai Culture and Arts Authority made the announcement. 

Accomplished artistic talent in the fields of literature, music, fine arts, performing arts, and architecture, as well as those in the heritage, history, and knowledge-related sectors, as well as intellectual and creative industries, are eligible for a 10-year long-term UAE golden Visa. 

If the terms and conditions are met, the application will be approved. 

The initiative was launched in an attempt to establish the fast-developing emirate as a global center for culture, a creative incubator, and a talent hub.

Who is Eligible???

PhD degree holders: Professionals with a PhD from one of the world’s top 500 universities will be eligible for the Golden Visa. 

Doctors: The Golden Visa will be given to doctors who specialize in viral epidemiology. 

Engineers: This program is open to all engineers working in the fields of computers, communications, programming, electricals, electronics, active technology, artificial intelligence, and big data. 

Individuals with a 3.8 or higher GPA from an accredited university are considered highly qualified. 

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Researchers/Scientists: Individuals who are experts in their fields. 


Inventors: Those who have acquired a valuable patent that contributes to the UAE’s economy.

Artists: The golden visa will be given to individuals who are creative in the area of culture and art. 

Foreigners who have spent Dh10 million or more are eligible to apply for the golden visa.

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