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Every tourist has their dream destination(s) listed out somewhere, if not on their bucket list, with one major factor that influences the decision to go on the desired trip being Money.

Funding a trip goes beyond securing a return ticket and visa but involves having sufficient funds to cover the entire trip itinerary, emergencies, and some extra shopping.

All of which requires adequate planning way ahead of the trip.

Going on your next trip doesn’t have to cost a fortune with these few tips.

• Start a Savings Plan for Your Next Trip: While it’s cool to hop on the next available plane to your dream location, it will be impossible when the required funds are unavailable.

A savings plan makes the cost of your future trip less of a burden on your finances when a savings target is set and is followed through.

budget-travel-tips savings
budget-travel-tips savings

• Travel During Off-Peak Seasons: Landing a good flight deal is the earnest desire of every traveler and would require close monitoring of travel seasons.

Off-peak in one destination does not translate to off-peak in other destinations.

It is hereby advisable to book flights months in advance especially during world holidays and national celebrations.

• Build on the travel points and save off them during future trips: Frequent fliers get to benefit from future discounts from their travel miles or travel points.

Points can also translate to discounts on accommodation, tours, restaurants, and future upgrades.

budget-travel-tips travel points
budget-travel-tips travel points

• Cut Down on The Fine Dining: Hotel accommodation with complimentary breakfast helps you save money on food.

You could also replace full course meals with single meals and some healthy snacks in between.

Home-cooked meals can come in helpful while cautiously trying out some street food adds more excitement to the holiday experience as a tourist.

Sensitive eaters should remember to watch out for and avoid foods with allergy tendencies.

budget-travel-tips healthy food
budget-travel-tips healthy food

• Save on Accommodation: Alternatives to your regular hotel accommodation can be lodging at a guest house, holiday inn, rental homes, or hostels.

Lodging with family and friends saves you some extra money from accommodation and makes the holiday a lot more interesting with the company.

• Pack like a Pro: Falling victim to paying for excess luggage can be avoided by packing right, taking only essentials relevant to the trip, and fully understanding the luggage allowance of your airline.

Packing properly also saves you from the likelihood of spending on unplanned shopping.

budget-travel-tips luggage
budget-travel-tips luggage

• Check Out Free Local Entertainment: While it varies with different countries, it’s best to do some research ahead of time to know what free entertainment and tour destinations are available that cost very little or nothing.



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