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Packing less on your next trip: Here are 5 things you can go without

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While planning for holidays comes with a lot of excitement, then comes along the gruesome process of deciding what to take along for a trip. The aim of traveling light then draws the question of what to go on a trip with or leave behind.

Today’s article will be highlighting our top 5 items you can definitely do without on your next trip.

• EXPENSIVE JEWELRY- Traveling with just a few jewelry won’t hurt but care has to be taken when it involves expensive jewelry. Not only can it draw attention to you from local thieves and pickpockets, but it also reduces any chances of landing a good bargain when shopping with all the bling on. If you can’t afford to lose it, don’t travel with it

packing luggage tic travel tips
packing luggage toc travel tips

• YOUR ENTIRE CLOSET- Too many clothes and shoes usually end up staying boxed throughout the trip. Draw up a plan for your outfit during the trip, consider the weather, occasion, and luggage capacity to see how best a few clothes can be mixed and matched for the perfect function.


• EXTRA TOILETRIES/ TOWELS- When it comes to toiletries, it’s usually best to pack just a few must-have brands. Essential toiletries will always be provided for by the hotel alongside towels and bathrobes. In the event when these are unavailable, they can be rented for a very small fee.

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travel tips-bag-with-personal-items-

• BLOW DRYER/ TRAVEL IRON- These are usually standard bathroom fixtures in hotels and would save you some luggage space for other essential items • EXCESS GADGETS- To avoid the risk of losing or damaging a highly valuable device, prioritize and take along only those devices that will be needed during the trip.





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