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It is much simpler to settle in and feel at home, whether one is an expatriate who is moving there permanently or a tourist who is just passing through, in a country where the locals are friendly and open to the presence of people from diverse places and cultures.

Those who took part in the survey reported that the people of Portugal, Taiwan, and Mexico were the most welcoming to foreigners, while those in Switzerland, Austria, and Kuwait were the least.

Portugal earns the top spot as the nation with the nicest attitude toward foreign residents in the survey for the first time ever, knocking Taiwan and Mexico down to second and third, respectively.

In addition, ex-pats may anticipate a warm welcome in Cambodia, Bahrain, Costa Rica, Oman, Colombia, Vietnam, and Canada. In these nations, locals are rated favorably by between 81 and 94 percent of the population, which is significantly higher than the global average of 67 percent.

Additionally, locals are seen as friendly rather than distant in each of these locations, ranging from 62% in Canada to 86% in Colombia.

With the exception of Cambodia (ranked 22nd), all of the locations are among the top 15 countries for that aspect, it appears that the friendly environment may have a beneficial effect on overall contentment with life abroad.

A number of factors are measured by the survey, including how simple it is to learn a language, how well each country’s environment and healthcare systems are, and how welcoming its citizens are to foreigners.

The top ten most friendly countries are as follows:

1. Portugal

2. Taiwan

3. Mexico

4. Cambodia

5. Bahrain

6. Costa Rica

7. Oman

8. Colombia

9. Vietnam

10. Canada

Source: Internations


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