Aced all your travel bucket list and still reaching for more? Tired of overcrowded tourist zones and in need of some serene environment? Are you looking to seek out the hidden spots in the world? If you ticked all these boxes, then I got you!

Travel goes beyond luxury, sighting-seeing, and comfortability. It is another means of expanding our worldview and makes us more appreciative of our world.

So, in no particular order, enjoy this list we’ve put together to help you discover the world’s hidden gems.



Nosy Be, Madagascar: If you are an adventurer or a naturalist seeking to experience untapped serenity and wildlife, then the Nosy Be in Madagascar is the place for you. This island situated off Madagascar’s northwestern coast is beautified with some of the best beaches in the Indian ocean. On this island, you can find humpback whales and lemurs on the shoreline.



Southern Namib Desert, Namibia: Referred to as the world’s oldest desert and popular for its dark skies, the southern Namib Desert is the perfect spot for stargazing. If you are a celestial sight lover or a lover of nature, then this is the place to be. The shelter is not a 

problem because the Sonop Lodge is there for you.



Sao Tome and Principe: This discreet island is located at the Gulf of Guinea, off the West African Coast. This island is encompassed by swanky tropical forests. It is a place for explorers who aim to seek out historical churches. In-fact, Sao Tome and Principe is the perfect place for people looking to discover jungles, beaches, and bays. If you want to see the hatching of the sea turtle, then you should visit between September and April.



Tzaneen, South Africa: This tropical garden town is for nature lovers. Tzaneen is full of beautiful natural attractions. It is famous for its attractive environments and tropical fruits. Tzaneen has some natural reserves like the Tzaneen Dam, Tzaneen Museum, and the Debengeni Waterfall. It also has a monkey sanctuary.


Brazzaville, Congo: popularly referred to as the Paris of Africa, this destination is for people who want to block out the noise and enjoy the serenity that nature has to offer. You can have fun while walking through the Odzala-Kokua, tracking western lowland gorillas, or searching for elephants and Buffalo’s in the Lango bais. You can even lodge at the Odzala Discovery Camps to enjoy a greeny paradise. In-fact whatever the fun thing you are seeking to do, Brazzaville, Congo has got you covered.


Written by:

Marvisclara Kamalu


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