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Travelling Practices Amidst Covid-19

Travelling, as we know has become a rare sight, however countries have opened up and are welcoming tourists with enough safety measures and tests. Additionally, protecting yourself and practicing the required precautions remains key. With that being said, there are ways to continue to be smart about planning your trips, whether they are domestic or international and how to stay safe.

Check out the safe practices to follow:

1. Onboard: Know that wearing a mask is highly recommended for your safety and others around you. Additionally, keeping a sanitizer with you and wearing gloves and long-sleeves can go a long way in keeping you away from spreading or contracting the infection.

2. There’s a travel etiquette that has become the new normal – social distancing. Ensure you are always a 3-6 meters safe distance from another individual. Practice hygiene methods well like sneezing or coughing into your elbow and touching and wiping surfaces with sanitized wipes.

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3. Travel insurance is important now more than ever, and that means you need to consider obtaining one to make sure your emergency medical aid costs are completely covered. In the current state, this could help you avoid bankruptcy and have financial support during health emergencies.

4. During your travel, it is highly advisable to not visit multiple places at the same go – visit fewer places for shorter durations. More places means more flights, cautions, and transits, which are not suitable at all. It’s okay to engage within other cultures but while keeping in mind that the pandemic is on-going, so your health has to be your utmost priority.



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