It has been almost 4 months, the COVID 19 outbreak kept travel and tourism at a standstill. Restrictions in place, some destinations are now opening for travel and tourism.

At first, certain questions come in mind, will I get COVID 19 if I travel on an aircraft? Will I be vulnerable to the virus if I walk outside? Am I unfit to travel during these times? And many more questions. Wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and following the rules and regulations laid down by the authorities help to a great extent. But still, there would a small amount of fear, so for that, the following are the ways to travel safely one destination to another destination:


  1. Do not ignore symptoms 

In case of any symptoms of common cold and cough or fever, inform the concerned authorities as early as possible. Also, if you show before travel, postpone your journey, airlines are now liberal in changes of tickets.


  1. Do a COVID 19 test before departure.

It is good to do a COVID 19 test before your journey. Certain destinations recommend that because for a smooth visiting experience. The test is costly but not as expensive as a quarantine for 14 days.


  1. Boost your immune system

Nowadays, various solutions are there naturally to boost the immune system. Extra care for eating and lifestyle habits could bring a difference. Increase food containing Vitamins A, C and E.


  1. Wash hands regularly and carry the essentials. 

Sanitizing hands in periodic intervals would be the right choice. Try not to have contact with eyes and nose with your hands. Always stock the essentials like masks, face shields, gloves, hand wipes and sanitizers.


  1. Avoid using the lavatories.

While flying for almost 3 to 4 hours, certain people must use the lavatories to answer the call of nature. But during these times, try avoiding as lavatories are detected to be the breeding point of potential viruses as they are not sanitized after every use.


Prevention is better than cure. So, when we travel doing these would make your travel safe and have a seamless experience to your destination also. Bon Voyage!



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