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Expand Your Travel Knowledge Series: Choosing the best time to vacate to Dubai

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In today’s edition of Expand Your Travel Knowledge Series, we will be exploring the best time to visit Dubai. I mean, who wouldn’t want to enjoy every moment spent in the tourist delight? Traveling at the right time will have you enjoy a perfect experience in the entertainment hub of the Emirate. So my dear, take these words of mine and put it to good use. 

Aerial view of Dubai City
Aerial view of Dubai City

Dubai is reputed as the most toured city in the Middle East and the fourth most toured in the world. Thousands of people troop into the paradise to visit Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building, Burj Al Arab –the unapologetic sail-shaped 5-star hotel, Dubai Frames – the perfect arena to view the transformational journey of Dubai, and many other exciting places. 

Every traveler wants to know the best time to travel. The following are guidelines on choosing the best season to explore the city!

The Season to Travel

Dubai Season

You would not enjoy your stay in Dubai when the city hibernates in July and August. There is not much you can do due to the harshness of the weather. The heat is unbearable and you would be spending more time indoors rather than sightseeing.

July in Dubai
July in Dubai

Many tourists say that the worst time to travel is June through August. You will be met with a hot humid, and scorching weather and an unbearable temperature at its peak. Although flights are at reduced rates and you can find special hotel deals, most of your day will be spent from one airconditioned room to another. The months of Ramadan usually fall within this period, either May, June, July or August – depending on the Islamic lunar calendar. Eating, smoking, and drinking in public are prohibited during the holy months, even if you are not fasting. Businesses close earlier and nightlife takes a downturn.

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It is better to travel during the comfortable months, from mid-November through March when you can experience a bit of summer and winter. Although hotel rates, flights, and everything shoot up and it seems like all roads lead to Dubai, it is the best time to catch all the fun you can.

Dubai in November
Family vacation to Dubai in November

I’d advise you not to travel in January/February when the Dubai Shopping Festival is held unless you are on a shopping spree. The queues are unusually too long and the streets are overcrowded but again, you’d enjoy as much as 75% discounts on sales. The summer months begin to creep in April and you will need to take some precautions. Drink lots of water for hydration, wear sunscreen when outdoors, avoid sunbathing, wear lighter clothes, and engage in indoor activities.

Cheapest hotel rates

Hotel rates are lowest in summer when it’s hot outdoors. This is the time when many hotels cut down prices and offer great deals at reduced rates – even free meals in restaurants. So when next you are traveling, be sure to take advantage of this and make reservations on time.

Dubai Hotel
Hotels in Dubai

A vacation to Dubai is filled with promises of fun, sand, sun, beach, and shopping. Dubai is a city of skyscrapers, indoor/outdoor activities and luxury. Bottom line, you can choose to travel during the overcrowded winter months or hang on in the hot summer months. Never mind the peak or low seasons but make adequate preparations for your trip. Whatever works for you, enjoy the best of your experience!


Written by Joy Uche



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