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Concerts, Events and Weddings are coming back to Dubai

A new circular issued by the Dubai Tourism states that city can now host live events, indoors and outdoors concerts and private events such as wedding. Although hosting events would be quite different from the usual because of the set guidelines for social distancing.

Indoor events are subjected to limited capacity, at least four meters distance must be kept between each individual. Seated concerts are required to keep two seats between each person even for the VIP seats.

Venues must now have organized a staggered entry for ticket holders and after events, attendees must disembark row by rows through the specified walkways. Online tickets would be highly recommended, but spot tickets would still be available with the required social distancing which would be indicated with floor markers.

Visitors and Staff are mandated to wear mask throughout the performance. On stage performers can remove them provided that they keep a distance of four meters from the audience and no physical interaction would be entertained with the audience or performers.

For standing events, markers should be placed to guide visitors where to stand to ensure that the required distance is maintained from other people.

Strict protocols must be kept in place in the matter of Sanitization before the event, during the event and after the events. In terms of Food and Beverages (F&B), no self-serve is allowed, buffet can be provided with all social distancing norms, but pre-packed food would be highly advised events.

The below events are officially allowed in Dubai:

  • Conferences or Seminars
  • Award Ceremonies or Graduation
  • Sports – indoor sports only
  • Brand Sales
  • Product Launches
  • Exhibition tents
  • Temporary Structures
  • Weddings


Nightclubs and city promotions are strictly barred from this update and would be later notified.



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