Tips to Shop Like a Pro During Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai shopping festival 2020

The Dubai Shopping Festival is in full swing with incredible retail deals and raffles, fireworks, live entertainment for every member of the family at various shopping malls and retail outlets with mouth watery deals every day.

A variety of offers are available in physical store locations and online with exclusive price offers and easy payment services made possible on various platforms and stores.

Today’s tips are set to make sure you have the most amazing shopping experience and buy the best products for the best price this festive season.

• Know your wardrobe or household needs, make a shopping list, and take notes of shops and brands to visit.

• Set your budget. Know how much your spending limits are, funds allocation to item categories, and sales/ quantity discount offer.

• Pick an appropriate day and set a convenient time to shop to avoid unnecessary pressure and random shopping. Get in the mood, eat a good meal, stay in high spirits, and wear a comfortable outfit.

• Be clear on return policies, refund policies, size charts, and existing delivery services.

• Browse variety to see available options, make sure to try out samples to be sure the selected item(s) fit well, and be satisfied with the choice of products.

• Ask for help in stores and online when the need arises.



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